Beyond Our “Comfort Zone”

Inspirational Message by Pastor John Shamblin on February 11, 2013

The easiest thing you can do today is stay right where you are. It requires little, if any, effort, not much thought, and certainly no prayer or planning. As I evaluate my life, as well as the lives of those around me, it seems that our “comfort zones” have gotten a little crowded. Let’s be honest, comfort isn’t all bad. We like comfortable clothes, comfortable furniture, comfortable relationships, even comfort food! But if we settle in there for too long life can pass us right by.

As I have thought about that I have come to a conclusion about life, dreams, and the future: the place of greatest significance is always outside our comfort zone. Taking the risk to step out into something new and different ignites our passion, our creativity, and our focus. When God called people it was almost always to do something different from their current situation. Moses had to leave the sheep to go to Egypt, Nehemiah had to leave the palace to return to his hometown, and Peter had to leave the boats to go with Jesus. None of them had ever done anything like what they were being led to do. Had they said “no” to these opportunities they would likely have lived a comfortable life, but we would never have known their names. They made their mark on the world because they were willing to take the risk to trust God for something more significant.

In the same way, I believe God can use each of us for something significant too. We may not free people from slavery, rebuild a city’s walls, or reach thousands for Christ – but maybe we will! There are still people in slavery today (literally and figuratively); there are cities in need of hope, and there are people that need to know Jesus loves them. If you allow yourself to dream a little, what would you love to see God do? Where can your involvement make the greatest impact? Whose life could be changed if you took the risk to get close to them? I’m certain that you and I can immediately envision someone or something. Let’s say together that we have stayed long enough in our “comfort zones”. Let’s listen to the prompting of God, and let’s go!


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